RD Cablenet is Catering in Areas of Goa talukas namely Canacona, Qupem and Sanguem provide service like cable TV and internet service.

The RD Cablenet has its own future vision and upgrades its technology from time to time for Quality service for that reason individual company has put step towards the digitalization process by starting the digital head end of best class having almost 240 video channels and 18 radio channels.

The company provide the affordable STB of best quality so customer can choose the program which they want in there budget also customer can have the add-on Package also.

The STB has got function of Pause and Play option and also can store the program which he wants to view by means of pan drive.

Our technology partner for setting up digital headend is Gospall & Media Nucleus and IBM Servers.

RD Cablenet not only provides high quality programmes but also gives its subscribers an absolute and complete control of what they watch and pay for via conditional access systems (CAS) architecture. The digital addressable system is mandated by TRAI which has compulsion to provide TV channels to subscribers via digitally addressable system (DAS).

The roadmap has plans to provide value-added services like Movie on Demand, more numbers of High Definition channels, Personalized Video Recording features, content on Web TV, Mobile TV, IPTV platforms as well.